Hey, I’m Vivian

…a born and bred 20-something New York City native. After a few years in banking, I transitioned to being a strategic finance operator for technology startups, specifically in the software and autonomous vehicle industries.

You can find me enjoying new adventures (locally or abroad), seeing friends, exploring aesthetic cafes, curling up with a book or a cozy switch game, learning, and working on various projects – such as my One Small Blog 🙂

I started OSB because while I was deliberating braces, I found it helpful reading about others’ experiences. However, there were not too many online anecdotes about documenting the full journey of adult braces so I figured I could make this an enjoyable project/experiment. While the intent of the blog is to expand into other topics aside (because braces are ultimately temporary), the future categories are still yet to be determined so stay tuned :).

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